Every car deserves to be pampered

And we'll come to you to do it



On-demand CAR CLEANING & DETAILING SERVICE through the DINOWASH mobile APP With every completed wash, we DONATE a gallon of clean WATER and also help conserve 140 LITER of water ONE WASH at a time


1. Download

The Dinowash app will be made available for free in the Apple App store and the Google Play store (coming soon).
(Coming Early 2015)

2. Order

Choose, schedule and pay for your Dinowash in a simple, easy-to-understand interface. The app will alert you when the Dinowash begins.

3. Detailer

A Dinowash detailer will arrive at your vehicle's location. The avg Dinowash takes 25 min. When completed, you will receive a before/after photo.

4. Enjoy

All Dinowashes are done with our own waterless wash solution which contains carnuba wax for a smooth and clean shine.

Why Dinowash?

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100% safe for all cars

Dinowash products are made from eco-friendly surfactants, lubricants and pH builders to help break down surface grime effectively.

Dinowashs are effective for 95% of the dirty cars but if you just went off-roading, you'll need a traditional wash. But you already knew that.

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Certified Dinowash detailers

Dinowash detailers are trained to ensure the preservation of your vehicle's finish. Using specialized techniques, our detailers clean your vehicles with the care it deserves.

All detailers go through an extensive background screening process to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

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Dinowash Insurance Protection

All Dinowashs are covered by Dinowash Insurance Protection, which provides a $1,000,000 auto liability coverage per incident.

It is this type of detail that goes into our service to provide the ultimate peace of mind.

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Get Your Car Cleaned Anywhere

At the market? Watching a movie? Enjoying a concert? At work? There is something amazing about the ability to get your car cleaned anywhere.

Save time from driving to the car wash and waiting or even doing it yourself.

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Each Dinowash saves 38 gal of water

How much is 38 gallons of water? The average bathtub holds about 40 gallons. So yeah, that's a lot of water.

The current car wash industry in the US alone wastes 1,260,000 tons of water daily.

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We donate 1 gal of clean water

Providing an amazing service and saving water isn't enough for us. It's about making a difference with every Dinowash.


Lamborgini LP 700

Platinum Package


Gold Package

Red Truck

Quick Package

Ferrari 458 Speciale

Diamond Package

BMW 320i

Quick Package

Range Rover Sport

Gold Package



Exterior Only

  • - Complete Exterior Wash
  • - Wheels & Tires Shine
  • - 25 min


Regular Price $25


Exterior + Interior

  • - Complete Exterior Wash
  • - Interior Vacuum & Cleaning
  • - Wheels & Tires Shine
  • - 60 min


Regular Price $40


Exterior + Interior + Hand Wax

  • - Complete Exterior Wash
  • - Interior Vacuum & Cleaning
  • - Wheels & Tires Shine
  • - Full Exterior Hand Wax
  • - 1 hour & 45 min


Regular Price $70


In & Out STEAM Clean + Hand Wax

  • * Requires power supply for steamer
  • - Complete Exterior Wash
  • - Interior Vacuum & Cleaning
  • - Wheels & Tires Shine
  • - Full Exterior Hand Wax
  • - Steam Clean
  • - 2 hour & 30 min


Regular Price $100

Dinowash is not just a new, amazingly convenient & effective car cleaning service — it's about being responsible, with our most cherished natural resource: water.

Water conservation is more important than ever

North America is currently in its worst drought in history with most of the state in 'severe drought' or worse.

The North America Water Resources Control Board now issues a $500 citation per day if you wash your car at home.

In addition to conservation, Dinowash also believes that it is a basic human right to have access to clean drinking water

- which is why Dinowash donates 1 gallon of clean water for every car we Dinowash.


Dinowash is a passionate team of car-loving people — We're all about technology, clean cars, conservation & charity and we love it.

"It's incredibly satisfying to build a service that helps people's lives in more ways than one."

From our developers to designers, from manufacturing to our detailer trainers, we are a group of passionate people who believe in transforming the entire car wash industry. Our mission is to combine convenience, conservation and charity into a simple, seamless service.

We understand the challenges set before us, yet we are confident in our ability to build, test, and evolve Dinowash as we expand into new cities. If you feel that this workplace culture is what you're looking for and have relevant experience, send us your résumé.

  • Dinowash is an amazing service. My car was beyond clean in under 30 minutes.

    Raymond Jackson - CEO at Mountain Foods Inc

  • All I can say is 'WOW'. Truly amazed by the service and the quality. This is going to get big...

    Troy Dickson - CEO at Jukebox Inc